There are many things in running that bring you pure joy. This moment is one of them. I present to you the official Runner’s World #RWRunStreak Finisher’s Crest, designed by me, your favorite dude that runs on pavement.

A brief history of the #RWRunStreak, courtesy of Runner’s World

We’re bringing back the #RWRunStreak to help us—and you—bridge the gap (between reaching your spring goals and starting your fall training) and maintain spring fitness.

Run at least one mile per day, every day, starting on Memorial Day (Monday, 5/28) and ending on Independence Day (Wednesday, 7/4). That’s 38 consecutive days of running.

For those of you that took on the challenge and completed it, grab your Finisher’s Crest (or badge) and tweet it, pin it, add it to you blog, make it your profile picture or frame it. You deserve the recognition, we all do.

To download the 600×600 file above:

Mac: Simply drag image to the desktop, or right-click and choose ‘download linked file.’
PC: Right click on image, click save as.

To download the 200×200 file below:

Mac: Simply drag image to the desktop, or right-click and choose ‘download linked file.’
PC: Right click on image, click save as.


My total milage for the RWRunStreak was 142.6 miles… which included my highest total monthly miles in June (118).  I can’t argue that the streak didn’t provide extra motivation to get out every day and push the limits.

Congratulations on completing 38 days of magnificent running. Running has done so much for many of us. If you’d like to see where running has taken me, literally, check out my recent post by clicking here. You can also follow along through various social media outlets over to the right. But to be honest, I’m best in under 140 characters.

What was your favorite part of the #RWRunStreak? How many miles did you run?