You know how you get the option? I get to use BOTH.

You know how you get the option? I get to use BOTH.

As many of you know, I started off this year by joining forces with Rock ‘n’ Roll race series as an Ambassador of Rock and agreed to run all 5 of the California races: Pasadena, SF, San Diego, San Jose and LA. When I was in San Diego, I went to RnR headquarters and met many of the faces behind the guitar, so to speak. In conversation, it was mentioned that I should come and do the San Antonio and Las Vegas challenge. At the time, I was unaware such a thing was possible and when it was explained to me, I was all in. Here is a roughly how the conversation went.

RnR: You should come do the San Antonio and Las Vegas race – 2 halfs in one day!
Me: Isn’t there a full in Las Vegas… it could be half, then a full.
RnR: hahaha… wait, he’s not joking…
Me: No. I’m serious, let’s do it.

And a few months later, with some logistics being worked out on if there would be enough time to cover the distance and make it to the start line of both races, I’m officially a part of the #SA2LV crew. I don’t have the exacts on how many people are doing it and what the combination is (half/half or half/full… or if anyone is doing the full/full), but rumor has around 30 people are signed up for both races.

And just like that, I’ll be ending my 2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll race calendar with a bang:


39.3 miles. 2 races. 2 states. 1 day.

Here is a rough outline of how my weekend will go:

Friday: Arrive in San Antonio
Saturday: RnR San Antonio Expo
RnRSA Half Marathon start: 7:30 am
Flight leaving San Antonio: noon-ish (3-hr flight)
Flight landing in Las Vegas: 1-ish
RnRLV Full Marathon start: 4:30 pm

As you can see there is some downtime between the races which I plan to take full advantage of stretching and recovering.


Limited Edition #SA2LV Vanity Bib
Exclusive Double-Sided Medal (see video here)
Shout outs: online at RnR HOF, start line mentions, event guide

San Antonio:

  • #SA2LV Check-in Booth at the Health & Fitness Expo
  • Luggage storage pre-race at the Alamo-dome
  • Free commemorative group photo at the Start Line in San Antonio
  • Shower at the Finish Line
  • Shuttle to Airport

Las Vegas:

  • Waived fee for Race Day Packet Pick Up at Start Line Village
  • Luggage storage
  • and much more (TBA)

So those are the details… sounds simple enough… oh wait, I have to run it as well.


Race plan (both of them)

San Antonio Half Marathon:

This is the race that will determine how the rest of the day goes. There is a fine line between racing TOO strong or TOO easy. If I take this race too conservative, then my legs will actually feel more heavy and fatigued. THAT’S what I’ll be trying to avoid. I feel strong in the 9 min. per mile range and will try to keep it consistent through all 13.1 miles. That get’s me to the finish line in under 2 hours. After I cross the finish line, my flight is not for a few hours, but recovery will begin immediately. Lots of immediate stretching and a proper balance of resting the legs, but not letting them get too stiff.


This is the variable. I’m not sure how my legs will respond to sitting on a plane for 3 hours after a Half Marathon. Between the finish line and the plane, I should have 2-3 hours to stretch and keep the legs loose before boarding the plane. I’ll be rocking my compression gear on the flight, hydrating and replenishing. And maybe squeeze in a nap… :)

Las Vegas Full Marathon:

Now here is the fun part. That’s right, I said fun. I imagine that the energy for this race will be off the charts. There are going to be so many people who I know from Twitter at this race, so I’m hoping to see a lot of you. I’m bummed that I won’t be at the expo, so I’m going to have to come up with a way to meet up with you all in Vegas. Oh wait, I’m supposed to be talking about my race plan. Ok. As I said earlier, I find comfort in my 9 minute pace which would get me to the finish line in under 4 hours. If I could do the morning in under 2 and the night in under 4, that would be a win.  The Vegas race is going to be completely by feel. I’ll know within the first 10 miles of how the race is going to go. If I feel strong, then I’ll ride it through and hold on. If I’m feeling fatigued, then it will just be a matter of running smart and getting to the finish line. Either way, I’m planning on having a bunch of fun.


Good question. I’m THAT KINDA CRAZY, but you knew that. I love challenging what my body can do and I love the atmosphere of a race. I’ve always wanted to do the Goofy Challenge (half Saturday, Full Sunday), so this is BETTER than that. Honestly, I’m already thinking about if the full/full is a possibility (but not this year).

The other factor is that I am training hard for nailing a 3:30 marathon at the beginning of December and this is a great way to train. I love running on back-to-back days and pushing on tired legs. With this race three weeks before that race, I’m viewing this as a great training weekend — like I said, THAT KINDA CRAZY.

I’m going to be all over my phone all weekend long with tags, mentions and photos galore, so keep an eye out for the official #SA2LV tag.

When all is said and done, I will have run SEVEN Rock ‘n’ Roll races this year (5 half marathons and 2 full marathons).

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Let’s here it:

Am I crazy? Am I awesome? Am I both? Will my legs fall off?