The other day someone shared a really great commercial with me. It was called The Scarecrow and was by Chipotle to help promote their new free app-based game, but it was more than that. It told a story and it’s always nice to see a commercial and think “yeah, that was a good one.” Not in the way that the Dorrito’s commercial is funny because the baby goes flying across the screen, but more the kind that make you feel good that there are other people out there in the mainstream media with similar goals and ideas as yourself… to help create a better world. Whether the company actually does that, may be up for discussion, but I applaud the effort and support the cause.

The song does it for me. I can’t explain it, but I definitely have an emotional connection to it. Maybe I just watched Willy Wonka too many times.
Remember when they sang it on Glee? Ugh. Tear jerker.

“Feel all the feelings.”

Title: The Scarecrow
Company: Chipotle
Idea: A look at over-processed food, factory farming and one scarecrow’s path to helping “cultivate a better world.”

What did you think?