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(click to enlarge) – wearing MPG gear in San Francisco!

Awhile back, I posted a review for Mondetta Performance Gear, or MPG. In the comments, a lot of people suggested that I should be a spokesman or do a photo shoot in their gear…


MPG is doing a “messenger search.” The winner will go to Seattle for a photo shoot and be included in their 2013 Spring Catalog.
All I have to do is be among top  in votes and I’ll be entered for a chance to move on to make the top 10.
All you have to do is CLICK on my photo on their FB PAGE:

Here are 5 reasons I’m asking for your vote:


  1. I already train in their gear. I’m wearing their SPIN bottoms right now after running 5 miles in their SOAR shorts.
  2. You said I could do this, let’s see if it’s possible.
  3. Last time I was in Seattle, I messed up my ITB at a marathon — let’s make my next trip BETTER THAN THAT.
  4. The photo shoot would take place before I run my next 50 miler. I’ll most likely need a couple days of rest.
  5. I’m an everyday person, just like YOU. I’m no super model — just a regular guy training to run far. Really far.

Voting ends Saturday!
I’m currently on page one with THIS photo (of me during a 50k) titled: Running Ultras
There are also some other familiar faces you may recognize. VOTE for them too! That’s right. You can vote for more than one person, I did!
Thanks again. Hopefully you have a couple seconds to vote.

1. Click link, log into FB. 2. Click the Voting Gallery image. 3. Find ME!

1. Click link, log into FB. 2. Click the Voting Gallery image. 3. Find ME!


Oh ya, if I am selected to be among the top 10, I get to make a video. For that reason alone, I hope I make it. You know those are always funny.

One week to go. I can do this, right?