Playlist Thursday: Songs That Make You Wanna Dance

Playlist Thursday: Songs That Make You Wanna Dance

We’ve had success with dance songs and we’re bringing them back again. I confessed that when I run, I move my hands along with the beat…. you can pretty much guarantee that my hands are all over the place mid-run while these songs are playing.

Something Old: Songs that are at least 5 years old. (I know that isn’t too long to be considered old, but music turnover happens quickly.)
Something Current: Songs that have been released within the past year.
Something to Consider: This is the wild card category. Feel free to list any song: old, current, guilty pleasure, underground, whatever.


Something Old

Artist: C & C Music Factory
Title: Everybody Dance Now
Side Note: That’s right… I brought it back. Does anything more than the quotable need to be said?



Something Current

Artist: PSY
Title: Gangnam Style
Side Note: The video is simply brilliant. Dress classy and dance cheesy.
Quotable: “Oppan gangnamseutail”



Something to Consider

Artist: Ray J
Title: Sexy Can I
Side Note: I friggin love this song. Not only for its’ pop culture reference, but the beat is smooth. It isn’t a fast song, but it is consistent and I can’t help but think it bugs the crap out of someone named Kim.
Quotable: “It’s a Kodak moment, let me go and get my camera”



There we have it. I really need to make a video of my hand-dance-running.

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What did you think of this weeks songs?

Do you hand dance while running?



  1. Great choices! I love EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!
    I haven’t heard of the second band before, I’ll check them out now :)

  2. I love C & C music factory. They have a couple songs in my Ipod!

  3. Yes and yes! These are some great dance songs that I keep on my list…except #2…that’s new to me. I’ll check it out. Must be good if you suggest it! ;)

  4. I love these posts of yours so a few weeks ago I decided to take part! Everybody Dance Now is a good pick, by the way!

  5. GANGNAM STYLE!!! I saw the video for the 1st time this weekend and ALL WEEKEND hubby & I would randomly yell out “GANGNAM STYLE!!” C&C Music Factory is a classic….love your choices again!

  6. I am so addicted to Gangnam Style, I have to admit! SNL did a great skit with it last weekend, btw.

    Love your third song, too–a new one to me!

  7. Ahhhh C&C Music Factory talk about old school memories! I almost never listen to music now while running – but if I head back down to the river trails where I don’t have to worry about traffic, I head bop. I have to try reel myself in though because I’ll absolutely get way off any smooth running rhythm trying to run/dance.

  8. I don’t usually hand dance while running, but I do tap out good songs if I’m stopped and waiting for a light or something. Maybe there’s a head bob in there somewhere. Great song suggestions!

  9. I LOVE C&C Music Factory. That is definitely one song that will get me up and dancing. I had a sneaking suspicion that Gagnam Style would make it on here, I’m not sure why….ha ha.
    Great picks as usual!

  10. Best one so far! Love it! The video in #2 is hilarious. Don’t forget Enur’s Calabria, another great random dance song!

  11. Super guilty of the hand run dance move also I bob my head a lot and bust out a clap or a foot kick. Special scene I tell ya.

  12. omg that’s the first time I had seen that gangham style video and it was AWESOME. Made me smile!!

  13. I have been known to bust out in dance on my runs. Seriously. And yes, these are on my list =)

  14. everybody dance now was going to be the song we existed our wedding ceremony to. Such a BREAK OUT AND DAAAAAAAAANCE song. haha.

    and the second song, i had never heard before. but im totally dancing in my chair

  15. And three more songs were just added to the playlist. Everybody Dance Now reminds me of jr. high, which was just as akward as my dance skills are :)

  16. Gangnam style is hilarious! Good choice.

  17. While I don’t usually run with music, I do catch myself hand-dancing when I’ve got tunes on. I’m pretty sure other runners think I’m spastic, but it’s OK. Whatever gets me through the race, ya’ know? ;)

  18. hahahaha – i just bought sexy can i….i love it!


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