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I typically run 100m repeats around a local track. 100m is equivalent to a single straight side of a track or a single curve. My routine (after a light warm up and a good strecth) is to run the straight sides of the track and recover jog the curves. I’ll do this for 1-2 miles, or 4-8 laps. I tend to do my speedwork at about 1-2 minutes faster than my marathon pace. I don’t hold it for too long, so it’s a good way for me to get some quick bursts of energy and pretend I’m Usain Bolt. 

Here are some links on other forms of speedwork, most likely with better instructions: Running Speed Work (Intervals), Speed Play (Fartlek), Track Workouts 

Runner’s World Running Streak

Week 3 is complete and this week was about 8-10 miles shorter than my previous. I had plenty of 1-mile days as I was feeling fatigued and cautious about some minor aches and pains. Still holding on strong, but I dialed it back a notch to allow myself a recovery week. Overall, I came in around 25 miles and was able to get in a 13 mile run and do some solid speedwork.

Cheers to Charlotte a.k.a @Char__Latte

Over the weekend, I reached out to some FitFluential folks and mutual twitter followers to celebrate the birthday of one Miss Wild Things RUN Free (note the second underscore). The response was great and I know I missed out on including some very important people that would have loved to participate. My apologies, I tried to reach out to everyone, but did my best. Fortunately, we live in a world of blog comments and many people took the opportunity to express their well wishes and good cheer there. Feel free to wander over and take a look at the amazing turnout.

Baby steps toward running like Scott Jurek

Towards the end of this video I make some random comments about trying to correct my form. It makes little sense and I apologize. Please note that I had just run a 6:28 mile, so my brain is probably fried. What I was (unsuccessfully) trying to get across was that doing speedwork can help you with your running form. It’s sort of impossible — but I’m sure you can try — to heel strike when you are sprinting. This gives you an opportunity to see how it feels to run when your heel isn’t smashing into the ground. I’m currently trying to move from a high stability shoe to a more neutral shoe… hence the phrase “baby steps toward running like Scott Jurek.” 

“Which Awkward Runner Are You?” — Click to view.

Great videos from PRS Fit on improved running form.

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Have you ever tried speedwork? If so, did you make your way to a local track?