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It’s a fine line between being connected and constantly plugged-in. I’ve been able to walk (or run) that line by USING technology to be more efficient with how I interact with others. That’s right. I said “interact” because that is how I view it.

It’s funny how you can meet someone for the first time and feel like you have known them forever. It’s happened on several occasions where I’ve met runners from twitter in real life and we instantly connect and dive into a conversation like we have known each other forever.

The leaps and bounds that technology has come in recent years has allowed me to interact with others more efficiently. And runners love efficiency. I’m able to jump in and out of the interwebs on various occasions throughout the day. Here is how I’m able to do it.

Sharing through Social Media

Using Social Media to connect with runners at last year's Nike Women's Marathon.

Using Social Media to connect with runners at last year’s Nike Women’s Marathon.

Social media has made me a better runner: FACT. I’ve learned so much from talking to all of you and am motivated constantly by your posts and shares. Being able to access Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on my iPhone puts me in constant communication with runners and athletes just like me.

  • I can easily send out a tweet: “Going for a run.”
  • Snap a photo from mile 4 and share it on Instagram.
  • Finish my run on my Nike App, share it to my Facebook page.

It’s so simple. When I’m done running, it’s always fun to read all the comments. If I do it right, I’m able to share almost my entire run with you.

Connecting through Blogging

Meeting up at the Expo

Meeting up with fellow bloggers. Toronto, Canada

80% of my blog posts are done on my phone. It has changed where I’m able to write my posts and get ideas down when they hit me. For example, I’m writing this right now on the train during my commute in an email. I’ll then email it to myself, copy and paste it into the blog on the desktop, add some formatting, hyperlinks, photos, and done. It’s really easy and has made blogging regularly fairly easy.

Being able to lay out my training and/or schedule on the blog and share it with you has made me more accountable. In the past, if I had a 20 mile run planned, it was just circled on a calendar. Now, I’m usually talking about it with all of you days in advance. When the alarm goes off, I know I have to get up because:

  1. I told all of you that I was going to.
  2. It will give me something to write about next week.

It’s like having thousands of running friends that show up at your day ready to run with you. Figuratively speaking, I’m never running alone.

Engaged with tracking


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what watch I use to track my runs. I originally started with the Garmin 305 and just recently moved to using the Nike+ watch. I like it… a lot. It’s easy to use along with being fashionable. The Nike app was also a huge bonus to making the switch. I love the user interface of the app and how easily it interacts with the social media.

For Example:

Share your Nike+ run with hash #runirishluck for a chance to win a running trip to Ireland.

Share your Nike+ run with hash #runirishluck for a chance to win a running trip to Ireland.

If you share your run through the Nike app on Twitter between Aug. 20 – Sept. 13 and use the hash #runirishluck, you could be invited for free trip to Ireland and win a bunch of Nike swag — of course, the more miles you log, the better your chances.
Check it out here!

Interacting because of technology

Technology sometimes gets knocked with the “isolating” term that it prevents us from interacting with people in real life. I understand the point, but it all depends on how you use it. I’m actually a big fan of USING technology to meet people and interact in real life. The #BostonStrong run is the perfect example.

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With a simple look at your Facebook page, a refresh of your twitter feed or scroll through Instagram and you can SEE the love. But I want to FEEL it. I want us to embrace the community in a REAL and HUMAN way. I want us to do what we do best. I want us to run.

We were able to use technology to bring the running community together. Through twitter, I’ve met a bunch of folks that I run with on a regular basis. It’s a great tool to connect and communicate with other people and, in some cases, is a great way to turn those online connections into real life friends. It has almost become a regular question for race weekend “when is the tweet up?”

Ways to connect with me:

Twitter: @PavementRunner
Instagram: @PavementRunner
Facebook: RunPavementRunner

How do you use technology to stay connected?