Described as one of nature’s toughest challenges: 130km (80.77 mi), over 9,000m (29,528 ft.) of elevation, and across an extreme multi-terrain course, and you have from sunrise to sunset to complete (15 hours and 41 minutes), aka Beat The Sun.

UPDATE: voting has closed, and unfortunately, I was not selected as part of the FINAL team to participate in the challenge. I’m incredibly thankful (for the votes), congratulatory (to the runners), and humbled (by the opportunity).

I’m fortunate enough to be listed as a semi-finalist in an opportunity to take part in the above challenge with ASICS. 8 teams will be formed, made up of elites and amateurs in teams of 6 to represent various countries around the world.


Please take 30 seconds to VOTE for me.

  1. Click this link:
  2. Select AMERICAS as the region
  3. Vote for BRIAN KELLEY (that’s me!)
  4. Repeat daily.

That’s it. You don’t need to sign in, register, or anything. You can do it from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. It’s really simple and would love your support.

I’ve done several challenges and this one sounds absolutely epic. I’m ridiculously excited (and slightly scared) about the opportunity. The photo above is from the 3-day Golden Ultra I did in the Canada mountains last year, I’ve done back-to-back marathons in the same day, and have finished several ultras, including two 50-mile races.

Beat the Sun virtual option – you can also take part in the longest day of the year, June 21, and challenge yourself in a race against daylight. 

Watch the video

I can’t really put this into words, I’m not that talented of a writer, so I’ll let the 2015 promo video do all the work. You can see that we are running around Mont Blanc (located in the Alps) and we start/finish in Chamonix, France.

Thank you for taking the time to read, watch (and hopefully vote). I’ll be sure to keep you all updated. Feel free to share this URL out or tweet below to help spread the word.

Every vote counts.

Thank you