Over Labor Day weekend, I sort of disconnected. We were out-of-town up in the woods of Northern California and since reception is spotty out there, it made it kind of easy. I did connect on and off to help promote the Labor Day sale for the store, but other than that, I was mostly disconnected and even took a 3-day break from running.

So what did I do?

Family time
We played a lot with the first lady. She is going to be three in October and it’s crazy how talkative and interactive she is getting. She of course, is still shy in public, but the games are getting more in-depth and she is kind of loving running right now. “Run with me daddy.”

Watched Frozen
I must be the last person on Earth to see Frozen, but we have been trying to limit the amount of time that the First Lady watches TV. It’s a battle that we will eventually lose with age, but the longer we can keep her playing games, building blocks/castles and not stuck in front of the TV is a good thing. Right now, we sort of stick to watching TV in the mornings on the weekend while we make breakfast. I really liked it! We already knew most of the songs from listening to Disney radio, now we just know what’s ACTUALLY going on.

Didn’t Run
That’s right, a weekend with no running. Well, I ran on Friday before we left, but I didn’t run Sat/Sun/Mon. I had done a lot of speedwork during the week and decided to let the legs rest for a few days. I have a race coming up this weekend — more on that later — and will be trying to see if the legs have some juice.

What I’m listening to

It seems like I’m getting back into messing with my playlist. For the last week or so, I changed my current running playlist to ALL Jay-Z songs. Yep, that’s ALL of his songs. I’m a fan, so that meant hitting shuffle on 194 songs, 13 albums and 13.5 hours of music. But here are a couple other songs that I’ve recently become a fan of:

Links to YouTube Videos
Most of these hyperlinks are NSFW

Drake – 0 to 100 / The Catch Up (Explicit)

Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang

Ariana Grande, Zedd – Break Free

Sam Smith – Stay With Me

Charli XCX – Boom Clap

And this one, I’m REALLY digging

Disclosure, Sam Smith – Latch

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Coming up this week:

I’m getting ready to race!
That’s right. It’s been over 5 weeks since I ran SFM’s back-to-back marathons and I’ll be doing a Half Marathon this weekend in San Francisco… time to see if my legs have some speedy-get-up-and-go in them.

* * * * *

How was your Labor Day weekend?