Me: I’m running on Saturday in the city with the group. I have to get up early.
Wifey: What time?
Me: We’re starting at 3 a.m., running 38 miles.
Wifey: Why don’t you just stay the night in the city?

Did you see that? Just glossed over the fact that I said I was running 38 miles.

This means two things:

  1. She knows she married a crazy person that runs a lot and does insane things like running really far.
  2. And more telling, her first thought was of me. She wanted me to be able to get a few extra hours of sleep by not having to drive in the morning. How sweet is that?

This post is dedicated to all of our significant others.

Some of them share our enthusiasm and passions, others are out there with us every single day and some are just extremely supportive.

Ok, there are some that hate what we do, but this post isn’t for them. They can go play in a different sandbox.

I wouldn’t be running today without her.

She encourages my ambitions.
She supports my decisions.
She understands my addictions.
She celebrates my accomplishments.
And most importantly, she is there when I come up short.

I’m the person I am today because of her. Runner and not. I’m able to run the distances I run because she allows me to get my miles in (guilt free) at often inconvenient times.

It’s a partnership.

To all of our significant others, thank you…

for the times we’re not there in the morning.
for understanding that a lot of the laundry is workout clothes.
for answering the door when UPS brings another pair of shoes.
for having pasta (insert other food) with us… again.
for hearing us talk about running, or working out, or blogging.
for loving us for who we are and who we want to be.

Feel free to share your thanks or give a shout out.