I get my motivation and inspiration from many different places. One of the major places I turn to as a resource for constant inspiration is social media. It’s a constant stream of other people struggling with, overcoming, enduring and conquering their goals. All can be motivation in their own way.

Often times when I don’t feel like running, I’ll send out a tweet or post about how I’m “struggling or  tired or burned out.” Sure enough, I’ll get a response from someone who is injured that WISHES and HOPES they could run. Who am I to complain about feeling fatigued when there are many out there that don’t have the luxury to have such “runner problems?”

Every weekend, my feed is filled with updates on PRs accomplished, long runs completed, new distances reached and new paces maintained. It really allows you to take a look at everything that is being accomplished around you through determination and training.

I’d like to thank everyone for sharing their story. It has provided motivation for me to keep moving towards my goal of finishing my first 50 miler in December. You may not realize it, but it’s your goals, accomplishments and journey that provides me (and others) inspiration to keep moving forward.

It may not be much, but I’d like to thank three lucky winners with a FREE song. As you know, I love posting about running music — I have a whole section dedicated to it. This may not be a workout song, but it’s still great music, by a great band.

I’m giving away (3) download codes for
“If Only” by Dave Mathews Band.


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Entries close Thursday, Sept. 27th 8 p.m. (PST) and I’ll announce the winners on Friday.

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