Running is a world that is often greeted with a question: why? On any given day a runner might answer it one of a hundred ways. Even in writing this I’m immediately thinking of several different ways that I could answer this. I could be clever and respond with something like “because gas is too expensive.” Or I could get all metaphysical and say, “because it allows me time to work through all the stress in my life, digest it, begin to come to peace with it, and figure out next steps.”

In all honesty, running is so much a part of my daily life that it is hard for me to express any single reason WHY I do it. Running has inspired me, motivated me, and changed my life in so many different ways.

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The community.

The community has ALWAYS been a part of my running world. My first introduction into the world of running was with a San Francisco-based training group that taught me everything I needed to know about running. I started in basketball shoes and cotton shorts, so I had a lot to learn. From local friends to social media, it’s the community aspect that has always reminded me of why I do this and it has been with me since day one.

The places.

Running has taken me around the world. From my first marathon in Italy, to New York twice, to Toronto, to Boston, to Las Vegas — it has allowed me to experience cities in an entirely different way. Often when I’m in a new city (or some of my favorites), I’ll set aside some time to just go out and run. When I visited Sydney a few years back, I loaded up a light backpack and a map and headed down a road. I ended up crossing a really cool bridge and finding a fresh bakery to have breakfast before heading back… something I would have never discovered had I not went out for a run.

The medals.

You know I love me some hardware. Ones that spin, ones that glow in the dark, ones that open bottles, ones that are join together to make an even BIGGER medal. Medals are not for everyone, but I’m a fan and each one reminds me of a different adventure doing what I love to do, RUN.


A better person.

When you spend hours on the road with your thoughts, you can’t help but think about your life. It’s a very general description, but I like to think that running has made me a better person. It has definitely made me happier, allowed me to think through stressful situations, helped me to try and be a better husband and father, but most importantly it has helped me to find balance in my life. It has made me realize what is important in life and continuously reminds me to focus on those things first.

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