How many times have you been called “crazy” because of how much you run (or workout)? It kinda happens all the time, right? Sometimes I tend to downplay how much I run or even purposefully forget to mention the distances. It can just be easier if you have a feeling that the conversation will drastically change to how “crazy” you are or how “boring” running is… but the truth is…

I like being “that kinda crazy.”

When I’m not downplaying how much I run, I’m usually doing the opposite and talking about how much I LOVE it and need it to survive or enjoy the challenges and personal competition with myself. This blog is kinda the perfect place for me to do it and share it with other “crazies.”

Today I’d like to share a couple of stories or adventures about the world of being #that kinda crazy.

Birthday run

Remember last year when I ran 38 miles because it was a good friend’s birthday and she wanted to run her age? We were in the middle of training for a 50 miler, so it was perfect timing. Well, we’re doing it again this Sunday for my other good friend: Chris. You may remember him from my two 50 mile adventures as we ran both together. He’s the good-looking gent in the photo below.

Half-way point at the Lake Sonoma 50 in April 2013

Half-way point at the Lake Sonoma 50 in April 2013

On Sunday we’ll be celebrating his 38th birthday the only way us crazies know how… RUN ALL THE MILES. The funny thing is that neither of us have a 50 miler planned. Chris sent out an email and was basically like “I’m running my age, here’s the route, join me for any, all or some.” Of course my response was “I’m in, start to finish.”

Chris is training for his first Ironman event and he has been putting in work like a boss. As an experienced cyclist and ultra marathoner, I’ve looked up to him for a few years and have set him as the benchmark of the endurance athlete I’m trying to be… but just the running part, he can have all that bike and swim stuff. LOL. See ya Sunday, friend.

I’ll be tweeting out and sharing photos of our running adventure using the hash #birthdayrun4chris if you want to follow along.

24 hour treadmill run

If you are on twitter or Instagram or have ever used a hashtag in your life, then I’m sure you are familiar with @RunEmz. Emily is known for knocking out 20 mile runs on a treadmill on a Tuesday before you’ve even had your second cup of coffee and that extra cookie. She’ll then Instagram a photo of the distance, the magazine she read and the 37 hashtags she just created #thatlooksomethinglikethis

Between 9/12 and 9/13 she’ll be in San Francisco doing a 24 hour treadmill run for Of course, I’m going to be sharing as much of it as I can with you since it’s going down in my city. Check out this Instagram video to get pumped!


  • Launch Party: Thursday, Sept. 12, at 7 p.m., Rallypad at 144 2nd St., San Francisco
  • Run: 1 treadmill, 100 miles, 24 hours
  • Run starts: at Launch Party (8 pm), treadmills then get moved to Market street between 3rd/4th at 6 a.m. on Friday
  • Cause:, an incredible non-profit building affordable, high-impact schools for children in India.
  • Find out more on the run:
  • Donate (you can pledge .25 cents per mile, $25):
  • Purchase a Limited Edition shirt (portion of proceeds to cause): (free shipping code: EMZEVENT)
Limited Edition RUNEMZ shirt for the San Francisco event.

Limited Edition RUNEMZ shirt for the San Francisco event.

I asked “why” as the most simple and broadest question… her answer below:

“I’m truly not a very talented person. I’m average at best in 99% of the things I do. I have zero musical talent, zero artistic talent but the one talent God blessed me with is a love for others. I truly love people. I love to help in any way I can. Running has provided me that opportunity to help charities/non profit organizations raise significant amounts of money while doing something I truly enjoy”

I’ll definitely be at the Launch Party and stick around for the start of the adventure. I eventually have to go home and get some sleep (sorry Em) and kiss The First Lady, but I’ll swing by first thing in the morning and update you on how she is doing. I’ll also swing back on by during my lunch hour and maybe do some laps around the building to distract her with my waves and general good nature. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stick around for the celebrated finish, but I’m sure there will be a ton of mentions on the social media interwebs.

Follow along here:

Twitter: @runemz
Instagram: @runemz
Hashtags: #runemz #24hourtreadmillrun #emzNeffect

There you have it. Just a couple of stories and adventures about some friends that are #thatkindacrazy.

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