I'll be racing RETRO in my 2007 San Jose shirt…

I’ll be racing RETRO in my 2007 San Jose shirt… I should be easy to spot.

It’s Friday… more importantly, it’s the Friday before a race. That means it is time to lay down the details of how I am approaching this attempt at a 1:3X for Sunday’s Half Marathon. I’m thrilled with any finish that has a 1 and a 3 in the front. The last number could be a 9 or a 2 and I’m doing flips and jazz hands.

To finish at 1:38, I must average 7:30/mile pace for all 13.1 miles… let’s start there.

Miles 1-3:

7:40 pace. For these first few miles, that is likely going to be around 7:30-7:40, but the goal is to try to keep the first few miles comfortable. I’ll need to settle into my pace and avoid a quick start.

Miles 4-8:

7:30 pace. Here I should be settling into a nice average and consistent pace. If I keep this pace, it brings me right in at the 1:3X point.

Miles 9-11:

7:20 pace. This pace is based on how good I am feeling. If I feel great, then I’m going to shift gears and pick up the pace just a bit. If I’m feeling tired or think the last 5 miles are going to be tough, then I’ll stick with the 7:30 pace and aim for 1:38… but you know I want faster.

Miles 12-13.1:

7:00 pace.  If I am feeling fantastically-wonderful with a side of great: it’s throw down the hammer time. 2 miles to go, on pace for 1:3X and time to see how low that last number can get.

Of course, from mile 9 on is all going to be by feel. I’m fairly confident that I can hold the 7:30 pace for up until that point and it’s just a matter of if I am feeling really good or close to the wheels falling off. It’s all about listening to your body. If I’m starting to feel fatigue, then it’s sit back on the 7:30 until the last 2 miles. Heck, if I cruise at 7:30 for 11 miles, then increase a bit on the last 2, I’ve got sub-1:38 all day.

What I’ll be listening to:

It wouldn’t be a race without a new playlist. I made one special for this race called “Mission 1:3X” and it’s 24 songs, or 1 hour and 37 minutes… see what I did there?


I’m actually getting really, really excited about this race. I know the course, I kicked September in the butt and am ready to fly.

TWEET UP AT THE EXPO (details here)  on Saturday at noon.

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter. She has made me know happiness like I never knew was possible.

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter. She has made me know happiness like I never knew was possible.

Also, Friday is The First Lady’s 2nd birthday. I know, right? They DO grow up so fast. Part of the reason that I didn’t race RnRSJ the past couple years is because it falls around her birthday. This year, I got special permission and plan on making sure that I come in fast and give her the biggest, sweaty hug ever.

 Alright, time for last-minute tips and mantras.