Updated for 2015

I created a hashtag and image called #RunnerCandyHearts for Valentine’s Day (2013)… sort of a play on “runner pick up lines” but imagined them on those little candy hearts. I know some of them are too long to fit, but just go with it. It’s for laughs.

Back in 2013, after I posted a variation of the image above with the #RunnerCandyHearts hashtag, it just sort of sat there with a few people commenting. Then the one and only Runner’s World RT’d it and internet madness happened:

After RW sent it out to the masses and it immediately received a bunch of RTs and other runners started joining in.

I’m not judge and jury, but here are some of MY favorites:


















See or share your favorite:

Check out the rest on Twitter by searching #RunnerCandyHearts — there are a bunch of funny ones that have happened since this post and sorry I couldn’t grab all of them. Don’t forget to tweet out your favorite with #RunnerCandyHearts.


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What was your favorite?