The last week of July, I was unplugged. If you wanted to know why I was unplugged… it’s because I was in Jamaica. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the trip and just jump right into the good stuff: the photos. Enjoy!


I swam in water that looked like THIS.

It also looked like this… I swam a lot.

I even managed to stare off into the distance.

I  was not overdressed… ever.

Fried fish, jerk chicken and rice and beans. Nom Nom Nom

I also saw my friends get married on the beach.

I chose my lunch.

I held my lunch.

I ate my lunch.

I enjoyed it so much, I did cart wheels.

I went to Rick’s and saw cliff divers.

See the upper part of the photo… see that guy upside down? Yep, he jumped from the tree where the flag is.

I saw beautiful sunsets.

I discovered that beer pong is an international sport. Red Stripe anyone?

I even managed to watch some of the Olympics.

Then, on the last day, I retired a pair of Asics and a backpack. I sent them off with flowers and an excellent view. Consider it a Pavement Runner starter kit.

There you have it, that was my trip to Negril, Jamaica in photos. I was able to go for a run while I was there for about 45 minutes. It was along the beach (of course) and got plenty of strange looks, but I’m glad I went and, clearly, my Asics never wanted to leave.

What did you think of the photos?

Have you ever held your lunch?