Any day now, we’ll be welcoming the newest member of our family. Back in April, I announced that we were expecting a baby in September, and well, it’s September.

I also realized that I never did a baby gender reveal. You’ve seen people open envelopes with confetti, slice a cake with colored filling, and open boxes with balloons. Well, we did it the old-fashioned way and found out during the ultrasound, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with the reveal on the blog. Being a runner, this seemed to make sense as a way to share the news with you.


Gender Reveal


Created using Garmin Connect – and a piece of paper letting me know where to turn. 

In case you were wondering how we will be referring to our newest addition (since we refer to our daughter as The First Lady), you’ll have to wait until his official introduction on his birthday. We’re down to two options.

Our due date is next week, so we are on baby watch. I haven’t been blogging as much (my apologies), but I have been posting to social regularly – and also added snapchat into the mix. Let’s connect below, it’ll likely be the first way we announce his arrival.

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We’ll keep you posted. Cheers.