With about 20 hours to go until race time, on a sprinkling Saturday, the invisible man has returned. Yep, it is that time again for me to lay out everything I need to compete in the San Jose Rock N Roll Half-Marathon. Similar to last time, but with some slight alterations, here is the breakdown:

A: 2006 SF Aids Marathon Hat (Dri-Fit)
B: Running Sun Glasses (In-case sun comes out)
C: 2008 Nike HumanRace shirt (Dri-fit)
D: Nike Running Gloves (Dri-fit)
E: Water Bottle Belt (filled with Gatoraide)
F: Running Shorts (Dri-fit)
G: Running Watch (Set to a 5:1 Run:Walk ratio)
H: iPod Shuffle 
I: Running shoes w/ Dri-fit Black socks
J: Where Mika is playing with her Kong right now

One thing you may notice that is missing is my running number/bib. That I am picking up today at the Expo. There is a chance of rain tomorrow, so it looks like we may have a nice fun run in the rain.