Can you believe that we are talking about the end of 2013? Crazy. Seems like just yesterday I announced that me and Tiffany were teaming up to bring you @RunThisYear with a silly video, a goal to run the year in miles… 2,013 miles that is. How did you do? I know that I will fall short this year and finish just above 1,600 miles, which is far short of my goal, but 200 miles over what I did in 2012.

But the good thing is that I took on the challenge and even though I won’t reach it, I improved upon last year and feel stronger. Who knows what 2014 will hold…


That’s right. @runninghutch and I are going out with a bang! There is a good chance that I won’t be able to play as large of a role in the @RunThisYear challenge in 2014, but will still help spread the love and participate in some of the challenges. We’re still trying to figure out what 2014 will hold for me and Tiffany, but we’d love for you to help out by taking part IN THIS FEEDBACK SURVEY (also at the bottom).


Whether you ran 2,013 miles or not, we want to celebrate every single mile you ran in 2013. It’s all about setting goals and doing your best to achieve them. We celebrate each other and this amazing community that we are fortunate enough to be a part of. Next year is right around the corner and an opportunity to set new goals. But first, let’s giveaway some free stuff. Ha.


All these prizes were donated, free of charge, by the companies/peoples listed below! If you like their prize and want to win it, tweet them a THANK  YOU or like them on Facebook! It’s always good to let our giveaway sponsors know how much we appreciate them!

  1. $25 Gift Card to See’s Candies (Click to Tweet them a Thank You)
  2. 3 Tubes of Grape Nuun Hydration (Click to Tweet a shout out)
  3. One 12 Pack of ShowerPill (Click to Tweet some love)
  4. 20 Packs of 8 flavors of Blue Diamond Almonds (Click to Tweet Thanks)
  5. 6 Boxes of Cereal (gluten-free, Rye & Hemp, Original) by Attune Foods (Tweet Thanks)
  6. RUN ALL DAY Shirt (in Royal Blue and Black) by Pavement Runner (Click to Tweet Thanks)
  7. #Runner/#Running Tech T(various sizes/colors) from Pavement Runner (Tweet Thanks)
  8. Book: Run to Overcome from Pavement Runner (Click to Tweet Thanks)
  9. Book: Running Like a Girl from Pavement Runner (Click to Tweet Thanks)
  10. Book: Couple On the Run from Running Hutch (Click to Tweet Thanks)
  11. DVD: My Run – The Terry Hitchcock Story from Pavement Runner (Click to Tweet Thanks)
  12. Runner’s Box (gels, protein, electrolytes, etc.) from Running Hutch (Tweet a Thanks)
  13. 30th Anniversary Nike Pegasus from Road Runner Sports (Like them on Facebook)
  14. Phase Running Shoes from Skora Running (Click to tweet a shout out)
  15. babyBelle Body Buffer from BelleCore bodybuffer (Click to tweet some love)
  16. Freedom Sprint Wireless Headphones from JayBird Sport (Click to Tweet a Thank You)

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  • Everyone gets 1 entry by leaving a comment. Mandatory.
  • You get 1 more entry for every 100 miles you ran in 2013. Optional.
  • *Remember this is by the honor system so don’t ruin it for everyone.*
  • FYI: There will be one unique winner for each of the 16 prizes.

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Cheers to the end of 2013 and a strong 2014.