We are runners, AND YES, all we like to talk about is running. We’ll tell you how awesome it is, how it makes us feel, and you’ll even notice when we haven’t run in a while because we are just a little extra moody and on edge.

We’re a tough bunch to deal with and we apologize for filling up your social feed with selfies, shoes, gear, and splits. Last Sunday, I know we took 34 pictures with our finisher’s medal, but it was kind of a big deal. #fact

The truth is, we love it and we want to share it with everyone. It may sound cult-ish, but really, we just want you to join us — sorry, that didn’t help.



You may think we are bragging. You may think it’s overkill. Heck, you’re probably right the majority of the time. But somewhere out there in the interwebs is someone who is hesitating about their next run or debating about starting their training plan. They might be thinking “I’ll start on Monday.”

They know they should go out now, they know they want to, but they just don’t have that little bump of inspiration or encouragement. We have all experienced this. We have all had that hesitation creep in about our next workout. We feel tired and want to skip the run entirely.

How many people have been looking on Instagram and seen @RunEMZ throw down a 20 miler on a Tuesday (on a treadmill) and thought “damn, and I’m questioning my 5-miler today?”

THAT. That is the reason we share on social about running. Because EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE has had a moment where they have drawn strength from social.



We don’t do it to brag, we do it to share. We do it because someone out there did it for us. We do it because there is this bond in the running community that exists through social and reminds us that we are all doing “this” together: it’s the strength of social (and the running community).

@WeRunSocial is the crew
#WeRunSocial is the hash

Twitter? IG? Facebook?
Which social platform do you draw the most inspiration from?