I’ll be racing in Toronto this weekend. Yep, my first international race since my very first marathon in Florence in 2006. When Krysten of DawinianFail mentioned running it and yelled at me through Twitter to come North and enticed me with TimBits (want to see what TimBits are?), it was a wrap.

We’re doing it big!

We’ve got a massive gathering arranged for the expo and pre-race dinner. Fellow bloggers, friends, FitFluential crew and runners are coming out to play. When I say the pictures are going to be EPIC, I’m not joking. Prepare to see numerous photos flying around on Twitter and Instagram. I’m going to do some name dropping so you get a feel for what is going down:

@DarwinianFail, @CandyFit, @redrunningshoe, @dextweets1, @eatspinrunrpt, @RobynBaldwin, @LifeAfterBagels, @trulyjess, @fitcheerldr, and MORE. Sorry, if I forgot to give you a shout out.

Race expectations:

I ran a 50 miler a three weeks ago, so my legs should be fine with the distance. Speed? That may be another issue. My body may have become accustomed to a slower, more consistent pace for climbing and descending mountains. I ran a 3:54 on a hilly course in March and if I can channel that pace on a mostly flat course, a PR is a possibility. I’m going to put 3:45, but you know I’d like that number to be lower. Ha.

Tutu what?

I’m going to blame Krysten for this one. She mentioned running in tutus awhile back and I tried to deflect saying “yes” for awhile. One thing about a runner who is also training for a tri, they are persistent. Recently, when she mentioned rocking Boston blue and yellow tutus, the answer was an easy yes.

How far is that?

You’re welcome. I love Eddie Izzard… one of my favorite stand-up comedians.

So the metric system… I know the rest of the world is on board, but my education in the US, has not prepared me for this. Okay, that’s not true. At some point in school we had to learn how to convert, but if you don’t do it regularly, you simply forget. Rather than seeing 26 signs marking my miles, I’ll get 42 every KM. I’ll also have to figure out how warm or cold 18 C is… that number seems low when you are used to 60 F.

Good times.

I haven’t been this excited about a marathon in awhile. It’s going to be full of fun and energy with all of us racing different distances and I’m looking forward to meeting all of these wonderful people in real life.At least I won’t have to worry too much about grammar and typos or keeping the conversation under 140 characters.

Any messages I should deliver?

If you could race anywhere in the world, where would it be?