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View from the peak of Lime Ridge open space.

Feel free to scroll through the photos above of my trail run.

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This past week was my first “official” training week for the 50 Mile North Face Endurance Challenge. I built a 16 week calendar, with already having a solid base to start. Here is how week one went down:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6 miles
Wednesday: 5.25 miles (hills/stairs)
Thursday: 6.5 miles
Friday: 4.65 miles
Saturday: 13 miles (trail)
Sunday: 8 miles

Total for week one: 43.4 miles.

I’m satisfied with the first week and know that it only goes up from here. I’ll crack a total of 50 miles next week and begin to work in “double-days” during the week. Since the weekends are best for trail runs (based on my work schedule), I’ll have to take full advantage. It’s a slow build and the schedule is based on getting me prepared to become more comfortable running on tired legs. I’m not ready to share my schedule yet, but let the games begin.

Also, we had a giveaway last week (complete with a video of me and mika) and I’d like to thank everyone that entered and NatureBox for sharing their mission and wonderful snack options. I’ll definitely be sharing more from them in the future.

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