We’re at it again! It couldn’t just be a simple race weekend. It couldn’t be just one expo, just one race… it had to be two races, in two cities, on back-to-back days, followed by a HUGE after-party. I’ll try to break this down pretty simple, but I want to share all the amazing things that are about to happen this weekend.

Saturday, 7:30am: Fontana Days Half Marathon
Sunday, 6:15am: San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon
Sunday, 11:30am: Pro Compression and #WeRunSocial After-Party

Fontana Days Run

From what I’ve heard about this race, its PR friendly in that it’s a down-hill course. Personally, I have not run too many downhill courses, in fact, I’ve really only run one. I (barely) set a PR on that course, and it holds my fastest half time (1:37). I honestly don’t think I’m PR-ready, but I think I’m in 1:45-ish shape for a half if things go well. Who knows, maybe the downhill will help me pick up the pace. No race goals, but would love a 1:45 finish.

#Fontana2SD: @pavementrunner, @pointonemiles, @andreabarber, @carleemcdot, @sharpendurance, @fitfam6, @runningwithsd, @momslrb, @jenn131, @blingwhore, @momonempty – am I missing anyone else?

Road Trip

After the race, we are jumping into cars and making our way to the RnR San Diego expo to pick up our bibs for Sunday’s race. We should have plenty of time post-race to change clothes, freshen up, and hit the road, but it will  likely be a straight-shot to the expo since it can tend to get crowded (RnRSD is HUGE event weekend).

San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

This one is with zero time goals. Last year, I ran it with Carlee and we had a blast. I’m hoping a group of us will hang together and enjoy the 13.1 miles. The PRO Compression ambassadors will be rocking the June Sock of the Month (have you seen it?). It releases Friday morning, June 3, and the Ambassadors running #RnRSD will all be rocking them on Sunday.

Officially The Unofficial After-Party

Last year, Pro Compression and #WeRunSocial teamed up to host a gathering post-race. There is an OFFICIAL RnRSD after-party if you are looking for one, but since it’s PRO’s backyard and there are a significant number of PRO Ambassadors in attendance, we set up our own thing to be a little more intimate, cuz that’s how we roll.



Sunday at 11:30am

207 Bar, at Hard Rock Hotel in the Gaslamp
Location: 207 5th Avenue, San Diego
RSVP Here – it will also have updates posted as things are announced.

Everyone is invited and we should be hanging around for a while. Feel free to swing by and join in on the fun. We would love to see you.

Wear Your Socks (and WRS gear, of course)

GIVEAWAY – the first 75 people rocking their PRO socks at the party will receive a FREE shirt. Sizes are limited, and based on a first-come, first-gone process. So make sure to have your sock game tight, and your recovery in process.



SUJA Signature Cocktail

That’s right. We also partnered with Suja, the title sponsor for #RnRSD, to develop a signature cocktail made specially for you. Suja juice is “cold-pressured, always organic, never (ever) GMO, chemical-free, filler-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, juice without the junk.” We won’t spoil the surprise, but we are working with the bartenders to make sure there is something special waiting for you.


Expo Specials

PRO Compression will be at the expo, and they always have a special deal on their socks. They don’t expect to have the June SOM at the expo, so make sure you purchase it Friday morning when the email goes out if you want it. But there will be a good selection available at the PRO booth and of course, a great deal (pssst, more than 40% off).


Sparkly Soul Headbands will have an EXCLUSIVE opportunity at the expo. The #WeRunSocial Sparkly Soul Headband will make its debut at #RnRSD and will only be available in-person. Exciting right? Swing by the booth and take advantage of their expo special pricing. (Pssst. It will also be available at RnRSEA.) If there are any left, the headband should be available online by the end of June.

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And looks like @carleemcdot had the same idea about spreading the love on the bloggy-blogs, head over to her site and see what she is talking about today: Be the Change: #Fontana2SD

Will we see you this weekend?