With the 2 days of BlogFest behind us, Saturday was an opportunity to get more involved with the larger sessions at IDEA World Fitness Convention. As we were attending BlogFest there was a HUGE expo going on at the same time as well as workout sessions, lectures and training happening. Walking around was the equivalent to being at a convention-sized gym with every trainer and fitness enthusiast there.

Under Armour Workout (and Giveaway)

BlogFest attendees had the inside scoop of an Under Armour workout as part of the I WILL WHAT I WANT campaign, it was an opportunity to get a circuit style workout in with Under Armour athlete and Bay Area rockstar: Shauna Harrison.

Most of us were equipped with the Armour39 Heart Rate Monitor that was given to BlogFest attendees (SCORE) and Shauna was going to put it to the test the only way she knows how: full force and set to fresh hip-hop soundtrack. Girls knows how to put in work. It was an hour-long session that included various stations giving you a full body workout and closed with some yoga-style moves to cool us down… or as Shauna said, gives us an opportunity to forgive the workout she just put us through.


With Larissa — had to rep the UA headband I got at Kasey's bootcamp the day before.

With Larissa — had to rep the UA headband I got at Kasey’s bootcamp the day before.




Runner’s Revenge

Right after that was an outdoor session called Runner’s Revenge with Les Mils, powered by GRIT Cardio. Back-to-back circuit style workouts, what was I thinking? And I’m going to be honest, the Runner’s Revenge title does NOT mean that this workout has anything to do with running. This was bootcamp style workout that kind of ended with some running, but continued with the ass-kicking theme of the morning. Check this workout:

50 Ladder
10 knee tucks, 20 hover climbers, 30 forward leaps, 40 push ups, 50 air squats, with an out-and-back in between each.
Repeat as many times within the time period.

HIIT Trial
Burpees, 3 sets
Repeat as many times within the time period

Summer Games Suicides
Sprint, Shuffle, Forward Leap: up and down a suicide/ladder
Repeat as many times within the time period.

If you are looking for a more detailed recap, check out Katy’s recap here.


Working out with Katy, Tiffany and Diane

Working out with Katy, Tiffany, and Diane

My workout group for Runner's Revenge. Tish (in the tank) was the OVERALL winner.

My workout group for Runner’s Revenge. Tish (in the tank) was the OVERALL winner… out of EVERYONE. Men and Women in a very competitive field.

Closing Out the Weekend

After these two workouts, I was DONE. I’m glad the other sessions that I had signed up for were lectures. Soon after this I headed for a breakfast which was quickly followed by a shower and nap. Still feeling tired, but slightly refreshed, I walked over to take part in my last two lectures: Assessing, Correcting and Prioritizing Gait in Client Programs with Justin Price and Fitness Writing: Blogs, Websites and Magazines with Amanda Vogel. Both were extremely interesting and full of very useful information. I wish I could go into greater detail on each and if I find a fellow blogger that did, I’ll be sure to link up.

Overall, I had a great time throughout the three days at BlogFest and IDEA World and I’m glad that I was a part of it. I got a chance to meet a lot of my fellow bloggers and fitness enthusiasts and got a chance to hang out with some friends as well. I only see BlogFest getting larger in years to come and I’m happy to have been a part of the inaugural year.

Here is a recap in case you missed it:

Day 1 at BlogFest — all the selfies: includes a fun run, Lorna Jane, Chalene Johnson, and all the bloggers.

Day 2 at BlogFest — yoga, bootcamp and celebrities: includes Blogilates, Jillian Michaels, Tara Stiles, and MORE selfies.

Enter for your chance to win an Armour39 Fitness and HRM


armour 39

What is it?
Armour39 is a performance heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate, calories burned, real-time intensity and “WILLpower.” It syncs up with the FREE Under Armour Mobile App that gives you real-time results and can also be paired with MapMyFitness or an Under Armour display watch, sold separately.

Why am I giving it away?
Because I have two — I was fortunate enough to receive one when I worked out with Shauna earlier this year in San Francisco. All 2014 BlogFest attendees received one as a gift — so my good fortune can now be yours. A winner will be randomly selected on September 3 and notified via email. Good Luck!

#IWILLWHATIWANT see the inspirational video starring Misty Copeland.
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