I tried really hard not to write this post, but I think it may be for the best.

I’m pushing back the launch of Mush. I just need some extra time to make sure it’s right. It’s 95% done, I just need to give it a once over (again) and make sure I’m happy with it… which I hope means you will be as well.

I’m shooting for next week and I believe that is highly possible, but I thought this week was a for sure as well. I almost sent it out last night. I was close. Really close to just putting it up and throwing it out there. But I talked to a friend along with wifey and they both generally said, “just wait until you’re ready.”

I’ve been pulling long hours and operating this week on average of 5 hours of sleep, which isn’t a great idea when you are a one person team editing a magazine.

I offer my apologies and hope you understand that I want this issue to be just right. Honestly, I waited far too long to start creating it and had too much faith in my skills as a designer to “crank it out” with ease. Either way, I’m happy with the decision to give it the weekend and get some fresh eyes on it.

Don’t forget to subscribe here as that is how the magazine will be delivered. Right now it’s at almost 50 pages of all Boston Love, which is exciting. That image at the top (MailChimp) is who is helping me send out the emails… silly little monkey with a hat. HA.

I’m also doing a giveaway for TWO entries to a Rock ‘n’ Roll race (along with $10 off codes).

Have a great weekend!