Andy, Larry (KM = Kylie Minogue), Benny, Me, Casey (Before)

Ready… Set… Go!

I absolutely LOVE this photo… I look so happy. Background, ears and form all look good.

I wanted to do something as I sprinted to the finish… looks like finger in the air was the winning option.

Make sure to stop that Garmin… Official time: 1:50:38

The typical “finisher’s photo” — with a bib number 34, I feel like an elite. Then I remember that I have bunny ears on.

Me and Brian (after)

Brian, Me and Keith (After)

Favorite photo of the weekend… look at how clear the day is. See the GGB?

Finisher’s Medal… to complete the Fall 2011/Spring 2012 set.

The left (Fall 2011) and right (Spring 2012) Medals to complete the set.

So I need some “peer pressure.” I have only ordered official photos once and it was my first marathon. I really want to order the one above of me on the bridge, but the photos are always so expensive. It’s $25 for a digital file…

Let me know what you think… YES, or NO?
Have you ever run in costume?