It’s that time of year when we start “officially” planning for Vegas. We’ve been talking about it over summer, what we are planning on doing, where we are staying, when the meetups are happening, and it’s time to make it official.

First things first, this will be the first time I’ve run Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll without doing a morning race. That’s right, I actually get to see what the expo is like in Vegas – strange. For the last 3 years, me and some friends have raced the morning of RnR Las Vegas, caught a flight, then raced that night down the stripe… this year, I’m not doing that. I went back and forth with some friends on if we wanted to, where it would be, and it came down to “if everyone wasn’t gonna do it, I wasn’t gonna do it.” So it’s the VEGAS remix (5K and half) for me this year and I’m looking forward to it.

#WeRunSocial Meetup


When: Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016, at 3:30 pm
Where: At the concert, in front of the VIP tent
Who: everyone is welcome. If you run, like social media, then come join us for an epic photo. Bring a friend, bring a stranger, BE A PART of this photo.
Last year’s photo is above.

Host: @PavementRunner
Sponsored by: Sparkle Athletic and Pro Compression

RSVP here (and invite friends) on Facebook:

Concert Starts at 3pm; Race starts at 4:30pm

Note: you DO NOT need VIP to be a part of it. Last year, a bunch of us casually met up and started chatting and took an AMAZING photo (see below). So let’s recreate it again!

Last year, this was one of the BIGGEST meetups and we hosted it on Monday, the day after. Since it was tough for people who flew out that morning, we decided to have it just before the start of the races. We are all going to be there rocking out to Snoop, so let’s take an EPIC photo and get ready to race.


When you realize one of these is not like the other.

When you realize one of these is not like the other.


Officially, the unofficial sock of RnR Las Vegas


As you can see above, last year we decided to rock the multicolor stripe, aka #TheGibblers. As you can see, you don’t want to be the one person without the sock. This year, we went with the black with neon swirl from Pro Compression… and it SOLD OUT that month. We hope you were able to get your pair. We are hoping that they will be restocked this week, and ready to ship just in time for race day. If not, rock the Gibblers, rock the WRS boom, the jailbreaks, so many choices.


Don’t have a pair? Use code PRO16 for 40% off at
We also still have some SOCK GAME TIGHT shirts left: shirt and socks, $45.

Officially, the unofficial shirt for RnR Las Vegas


We’re getting pretty good at making unofficial things official. #WeRunSocial is teaming up with Sparkle Athletic to lay claim to how bad ass we are. This reflective shirt is available for pre-order ONLY until Tuesday, October 18. You can pick it up at the Sparkle Athletic booth at the RnR Expo We may have a few extras on hand, but I wouldn’t count on very many being made available. Through our partnership, it’s ONLY $15 – and did we mention it’s reflective?!?!

EVERYONE who pre-orders will receive a FREE pair of LED blinky lights for their shoes (also available when you pick up your shirt)


Click here to pre-order.

If you really, really want this shirt, but won’t be able to pick it up at the expo, you can include shipping ($4.99) with your order and we’ll send it to you AFTER race weekend. But you have to pre-order it to guarantee your size. And we’ll still send you some blinks for your shoes too!


There is a huge giveaway happening over on Instagram. Two people will win a prize pack that includes:
• WRS trucker hat
• LOVE hoodie
• Momentum Jewelry wrap and footnotes
• WRS wristband
• Sock Game Tight shirt
• and maybe more!

Click here to enter.

Follow and keep an eye on @werunsocial’s twitter handle for updates on other shenanigans that might go down Vegas weekend. I’m sure something will happen before and/or after the 5K on Saturday.

Are you ready to strip at night?