When I was training for my first marathon back in 2006, I not only ran, but I also lifted weights, worked on my core and mixed in some time on the elliptical and stationary bike. I was a gym rat and in one of the best physical shapes of my life. As time went on (and my gym membership expired) I slowly got away from all the extracurricular working out and focussed 90% of my energy on running. My miles got higher and my times got better, slowly.

Over the past year I have seen significant improvements on my shorter distance runs and significant improvements on my half marathon time. This is good, right?

Yes, but my training program is missing something. Rather than just running 4-5 days a week, I’ve recently started to look at the whole picture. I need to get back to working out the entire body. Like a well tuned machine, all parts need to be highly efficient. Sure my legs can run for 7.5 hours, if I ask them to, but how much extra work are they doing with a weak core?

Here are some websites that I’ve been taking notes from to improve my workout regimen. I have big goals for my next full marathon in November, but I’ll save that for another post.


This website is the sole reason I have added lunges to my running routine. Over the past month I have added a workout in the middle of my runs: I’ll run 1 mile, do THIS workout, then run another mile. This was the first workout I did that got me thinking: “I need to be doing more of this. I have 4 minutes and I can easily work it into my existing routine.”  It has been a great way to mix-up my runs and add some intensity to my shorter distances. If that isn’t motivation enough to follow her on twitter, how about this? She lives on a farm and has chickens — how cool is that? 


Okay, I’m a sucker for hashtags. When I saw #EatCleanSweatDirty, it caught my attention. I have always thought: “I need to eat better.” And I’m sure you have as well at some point or another. With a 9-month old in the house, this has really hit home recently. I’m looking at the ingredients on everything that our baby eats and I should be JUST as concerned with what dad is eating. She’ll start to pick up on my habits and no one wants to see a toddler eat ice cream straight out of the carton. Okay, that is more of a habit, but you get the idea. Katelyn is hosting a July Challenge and it’s not too late to join in on the fun. Follow her on twitter and see all the instagram photos and tweets about how to improve your eating habits.


If the first person listed was who I was working with and the second person listed was who I’m eating with, then this dude is the combination. Brad is super helpful and motivational. I ordered his six pack in the mail, but it hasn’t come yet. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to take his advice that “Abs are made in the kitchen.” If you haven’t signed up for his newsletter, you must check it out. It’s super helpful and ridiculously simple to get helpful information from. Typically he’ll drop some knowledge about what is on his blog, then include links to specific videos that will help you out. What could be easier? He is giving you everything you need. Follow him on twitter as well, he’s funny. Don’t believe me, check out this video. (also with a super cool lady — who you should also repeatedly hit follow with).

There you have it. The three websites that have helped re-focus my workout routine. Yes, I’m still logging miles. In fact, June was my highest month ever. Again, high hopes for my next marathon. Oh ya, and that little 50 miler I signed up for at the end of the year, too.

Does your workout routine include the entire body? Are there any websites or twitter folks we should add to the list?