I would love to say that the title of this post is a result of an amazing long run that I had and how smashing it was… but that is just simply not true. I got up early Friday morning in hopes of logging 15 or so miles before work. That requires a 4am wake up call, but I got up early and headed out the door right on time. I, however, did not run that well and ended up calling it before I got to 7 miles. It happens. Just wasn’t feeling it and headed back home.

Typically, I would have just gave it another go on Saturday or Sunday, but with wifey away this weekend for work, it meant I was rolling as a solo-daddy all weekend and the First Lady were calling the shots. Saturday we spent some time at the park, packed out lunches and even took a nap together. On Sunday, we got up early and went out for breakfast then did some walking around and ended up at the park again (a different one). We didn’t take a nap, but we did get some ice cream in the afternoon before we had some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. We clearly know how to party.

The real reason for the title “Weekend Spectacular” is because there were some amazing things going down on social this weekend that I wanted to share.


The one where See Sharp Run runs 78.6 miles in 13 days

My man has been throwing down lately. This past weekend he completed his 3rd marathon in 13 days. Boston, Big Sur and the OC Marathon. Any of those on their own is a reason to celebrate. 2 of the three is beast mode. But all 3? #Turndownforwhat. See you in a month at #RnRSD… taking the next 3 weeks to recover?


The one where Darwinian Fail runs the GoodLife

I can’t talk enough about Krysten and how much her journey has inspired me and so many others. A year ago, me and wifey made a trip to Toronto and I ran the GoodLife marathon in a tutu, ate all the Timbits, tried Canadian Maple Syrup, saw the Falls and ate some poutine. Top that off with meeting an amazing group of runners (photo recap here) and being able to make an internet friend a real friend. This past weekend, Krysten ran the Goodlife half marathon again and has been training like a boss and racing SO strong.  

The one where The Athleterian is surprised

These two people (Christina and RunEmz) light up my instagram feed when they are together. Check out her latest post “The Best Surprise Ever” and you’ll feel the friendship and love between these two. They even caught the surprise on video, which makes it even more epic. But Christina was running the Vancouver marathon on Sunday for Team Vega a couple of months after nailing a PR in Phoenix with Emz. Her race photos are filled with  ALL THE SMILES and I’m always a fan of that kind of race. We have to remember that running makes us happy and spending time with those that we love around us is all the more reason to celebrate.


The one where Happy Fit Mama finds happiness in 13.1

One of my favorite people on the interwebz. Her race photos make me smile so much because she always looks like she is having the best time ever… WHILE RUNNING! She race a half marathon on Sunday (seriously, was everyone racing expect for me this weekend?) and approached the race with the mindset of having fun… one of the best ways to do it. Check out the recap here and  wish her all the congrats on a strong, fun race.


Cheers to everyone that spent this past weekend running, racing, relaxing or spending time with friends and family.

How did you spend your weekend?