You’ve seen the tweets and you’ve seen the Instagram photos from the #WeRunSocial meet ups in 2016. We’ve doing big things, but this time #WeRunSocial is coming to San Francisco — and I’ve gotta rep for the Bay. This weekend is the San Francisco Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon and the crew has some plans to make it an even-more epic weekend.

We’ll make our own Remix

Most Rock ‘n’ Roll races have a “remix challenge” where you can run a 5K the day before to make it a double-race weekend. San Francisco doesn’t have a 5K the day before, so we made up one for ourselves (kind of).

We’re teaming up with a local event company to host a semi-virtual 5K this Saturday at the expo that happens right before the #WeRunSocial meet up.

Here is how it goes down:

11:30am: Meet at the Represent Running booth at the RnRSF expo. You can leave your stuff at the booth, we’ll talk about the route, discuss any important details, and get all the ducks in a row.

12:00pm: Off and running. We’ll do a simple out-and-back heading towards the Giants Stadium, run along the Embarcadero, and have an awesome photo opp with the Bay Bridge for you IG folks. It’ll be a simple 5K route on the sidewalks of SF (please obey traffic lights).

12:45-1:00pm: Everyone should be back and we’ll finish at the RnR Series booth, medals will be handed out, refreshments, snacks, etc.

1:00pm: #WeRunSocial meet up.

How to be a part of it:

Want the medal? You’ll have to sign up for the Virtual Run HERE. It’s $25, but if you are picking up your medal at the SF expo, use code RUNSF and it gets the price down to $22 (this is ONLY if you pick up your medal at the #WeRunSocial meet up) Note: if you have not pre-registered you can do so at the booth leading up to the run (including on Friday). BUT PLEASE pre-register. Saves us and you lots of time.

Don’t care about the medal? Cool, come run with us anyways. It’s a shakeout run and for fun. You don’t need to pay to be a part of it. We’ll have a good time and it’s something you won’t want to miss. The 5K route does not include any miles that the RnRSF route goes through so it’s all new sights.

Want the medal, but not going to be at RnRSF? It’s a virtual run — ANYONE can do it. Register online and they’ll ship the medal to you. Run the 5K anytime you want, record your time on your profile and BAM. Consider yourself a finisher. Oh, and treadmills totally count.


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#WeRunSocial Meet Up

Stick around for the meet up. Everyone is invited (whether you ran or not), we’ll hang out, take selfies, have some giveaway, and it’s a great way to see some familiar faces from the interwebs.

1:00pm, RnR Series Booth
Hosted by @PavementRunner and @ConcreteRunners
Sponsored by @ProCompression

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Because Instagram

If you have #WeRunSocial gear, rock it. If you have #ConcreteRunners gear, rock it. If you have Pro Compression socks, DEFINITELY rock it, because of photos like THIS, and THIS, and THIS. If you don’t have PRO socks, they will have a booth at the expo and they always have AMAZING expo deals (better than online, shhh).

Are you excited or what?!?!
Who is going to be there?