Sooo, last time we talked I was training, but not really. Then I hurt myself doing something really difficult (putting a backpack in the car) and instead of running 52.4 miles for charity, I stood outside in the cold to cheer on the runners at the San Francisco Marathon. I feel like we are all caught up. If not, this post may help.

That was back in July and since then I have done some things:

  • Finished the SeaWheeze Half Marathon in August. 
  • Celebrated my son’s first Birthday in September.
  • Celebrated my daughter’s 6th Birthday in October.
  • Finished the San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in October.

Oh, this was fun: 4 cities, 4 courses, 20 miles, 1 day

  • I participated in #TheGhostRace with Lululemon and Strava a couple of weeks ago. Instead of doing what normal people do and run the 4 courses in the Bay Area over the two-week period, @fitfam6 and I decided to do all 4 courses in 1 day. 

So we pretty much did this:

Then This x 4

For a more detailed recap (and realistic photos), see the post from @fitfam6 – geez, I’ve turned into such a lazy blogger.

After all that fun, what’s coming up next?

Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas:
I won’t be doing the two races in one day challenge we have done in the past. But I will be doing the 5k/Half remix that weekend.

Here are three things you MUST know:

  • Every year we pick socks to wear and THESE are the socks. The first year it was #thegibblers, last year it was the black with neon stripe. I can’t wait to see how great this looks. Order them know. Use code PRO17 for 40% off.
  • Meetup details to be announced. Make sure you are following @werunsocial on Twitter or IG. Last year we had one before the 5K and a one before the Half/Full. I would expect the same.
  • AND THIS: We also just added the WeRunSocial “Multi-use Thingy” to the store – would love to see everyone rocking these on Sunday in Vegas. Here. I’ll make it easy: they are only $13 and you can use code FREE for free shipping . PLUS if you add any second item to your order, I’ll include a SECOND “multi-use thingy” for free.  
    *Canada: use code “canada” for your free shipping.

California International Marathon (Dec)
I’m running this race again! No race goals, will be for fun.

That will close out 2017, unless something grabs my interest. Anything is possible.

What have you been up to?!?