What are you doing on March 25, 2012? Wanna experience the Oakland Running Festival?

I came across the Oakland Running Festival in 09, its inaugural year and the return of a full marathon to Oakland in 25 years. Compared to other Bay Area events the distances may be the same, the runners may also be the same, but what makes the Oakland Running Festival unique is the community and fans along the course. With a 97% saying they would recommend the race to a friend (from post-race surveys) there is clearly something going on with this growing event.

When I run other events I always notice people along the course cheering on specific runners: “Go Suzy!” or “Go Team in Training!” Such signs are popular and motivating. But what I noticed the past 2 years in Oakland is that although there are similar signs, there are also members of the community that aren’t cheering on “specific” runners. Rather they are cheering on everyone. They are cheering for the city and happy to see thousands of people participating. It’s people stepping out of their homes and business and clapping, simply because they were moved to do so.

The race has sold out each year in its existence, but I’ve squared away two complimentary entries for the 2012 (Full or Half Marathon) and want to share them with you! I’m running the event again and want YOU to join me!

I’ll draw two names at random on December 15 at noon (PST). That gives you two weeks to enter. Here are several ways to throw your name in the proverbial hat:

  • Follow my blog. 1 entry per person
  • Follow @PavementRunner on twitter and/or “friend request” on FB. 1 entry per person — (let me know you’ve done this or already do this in the comments)
  • Follow @OaklandMarathon on twitter and/or “Like” on FB. 1 entry per person — (let me know you’ve done this or already do this in the comments)
  • Tweet out this contest (tagging @PavementRunner and @OaklandMarathon) and/or share on FB — tweet/share buttons at end of post. 1 entry per person — (let me know you’ve done this or already do this in the comments)
  • Leave a comment below telling me “Why you think you should win the entry.” Also, if you’ve done any of the ABOVE, let me know here as well. This is the easiest way for me to keep a reliable count. 1 entry per person


That’s a total of 5 entries per person, but here is the bonus part:BONUS: Each day you can send out a tweet (tagging @PavementRunner and @OaklandMarathon) about anything. (Running related is encouraged. Negative tweets disqualify you entirely. Sorry, I am judge and jury on this.)That’s up to 15 additional entries. 1 per day, per person will be counted. If you @tag me, I’ll see it, so no need to notify me on these daily tweets through the comments. Sorry, this *bonus* is a twitter only opportunity.That’s it! If you do it right, you can enter the contest 20 times. Wowzers. Good luck everyone. Any questions, let me know.

The entry forms will be mailed to the winners to be filled out and returned to the Oakland Marathon. Postage and a return envelope will be provided to each winner. Travel and hotel expenses will not be provided to or from the event. The entries can be transferred PRIOR to filling out the entry form. Once the form has been mailed to the Oakland Running Festival, all information is final. Entries must be filled out and received by the Oakland Marathon prior to 1/15/2012.