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There has been a lot of movement recently in incorporating your heart rate into your workouts. Sure, there has always been the heart rate monitors that we used to strap to our chest and sync with our watch, but technology is at a point where we can accomplish the same results in a more efficient way. Jabra, a producer of headset and hands-free audio solutions, has just released the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless: “the world’s first completely in ear wireless music and heart rate monitoring earbuds.”

What does that mean?

They have created an all-in-one training solution that delivers Dolby Digital sound and monitors your heart rate data into your headset… and they made it WIRELESS. The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds  links up the Jabra Sport Life app and tracks your HR through the earbuds. During your workout it offers HR guidance and feeds you real-time data. They have essentially taken your headphones, your HRM, your music player and your phone and combined them into a single 2-piece (wireless headset and phone) workout. No cords, no chest straps.

See the video below for a sense of how it works:

Pre-Designed Workouts

The free Jabra Sport Life app (Android or iOS) allows you to choose from per-designed workouts (or create your own) to target key heart-rate zones based on your current fitness level. One of the benefits of using HR data is to make sure that you are getting in an optimal workout based on desired results. Getting feedback while you are working out can allow you to pick up or back off your current intensity to make sure the entire workout is effective. Real-time and continuous data will allow you to maximize your workout and stay within your target heart-rate zone: fat-burning, aerobic conditioning, anaerobic threshold training, or general cardiovascular fitness.



In line with the launch of the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless, Jabra is asking athletes what we are doing to BEAT YOUR IMPOSSIBLE? What goal have you conquered that seemed almost impossible at the time? My long-standing goal has been to qualify for Boston… right now, being over 30+ minutes away from reaching that goal “seems” impossible. But I know it’s not. I know it’s something that I am working towards. I have my missteps and my setbacks, but it makes the journey worth it. It makes the end result that much more desirable. How do I plan to reach that goal? Keep putting in the work. Keep putting in the time.

Where to get it:
Jabra Sport Pulse is available for $199

Where to learn more:
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Do you use heart rate date during (or after) your workouts?

What are you doing to Beat Your Impossible?