It has most definitely been a very active month. Over the last 30-days, I’ve run the New York City Marathon and finished 3 half marathons in 2 days, with one being a PR. Those four races make for a very busy (and memorable) November.

To date, I’ve run just over 110 miles for the month and am planning (at least) an additional 12 miles Sunday. I feel like I should be higher in my monthly milage, but there was a lot of downtime following last weekend’s three races. Actually, I’ve only run 14 times during November and 65 of the miles have been at races: 26.2 and 13.1 (x3), funny how that breaks down.

Who is the Most Active Coast?

For the past couple weeks, I’ve also been a part of the Fitbit Challenge from Shape and Men’s Fitness Magazine. It is an East Coast vs. West Coast battle for who is the “Most Active.” For awhile the West was in the lead, then the East caught up and jumped ahead. I’m doing my best to add in some steps. Here is what my week looked like:

Mon: 5K+
Tue: 14K+
Wed: 8K+
Thu: 5K+
Fri: 8K+
Sat: 22K+ (as of 2pm)
Sun: should log at least 15K with my run alone

See if the West Coast took back the lead.

Closing the Store for 2014

Last week, I opened up the store for one week only to re-order some Run All Day shirts and racerback tanks. There are a few back-stock #runner shirts, but sizes, colors and quantity are limited.

I also just released a special ALL BLACK EVERYTHING shirt (only $20).

Store closes Monday, December 1 at midnight (PST)





I don’t have any races planned for December (say what?!?) and will be focusing on training and getting faster. That’s actually going to be theme for the next few months, but more on that later. Through the first 11 months of the year, I’m at 1,197 miles, nowhere near the 1,600+ that I ran n 2013. But this year had a lot of ups and downs. I’ll look to finish 2014 strong with high hopes and aspirations for 2015.

Can you believe the year is almost done?