You might be a runner if…

you’ve ever seen someone running and try to guess how many miles they are running that day.

on a super-hot day, you wear a running shirt when you are not running because of it’s moisture-wicking ability.

you’ve ever purchased two pairs of running shoes at once because they are on sale.

you pick up your pace a little bit and correct your form when you see an attractive runner coming your way.

you cheer for people running up a hill from your car.

when you hear a good song you think: “I’m adding that to my running playlist.”

you are planning a vacation and check to see if there will be a race the same time you are there.

you have ever said the words: “It’s okay, I’m carbo-loading” while eating something you shouldn’t be.

you drink excessive amounts of water or Gatorade on a Friday preparing for a Sunday race.

you smile a little when someone asks you: “How many miles is THIS marathon?”

Some of these may apply, or maybe none do. But I listed these because I have done EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE. Yep, I root for people from my car. I’m that guy. Feel free to share your favorites or some additional ones in the comments below.